Technology on highest level

The graphic arts industry changes. Innumerable technologies were developed, tested, transferred or were rejected. RESOLUT ELEVEN has accompanied this development and has always taken a pioneer role by that.

Therefore RESOLUT ELEVEN can offer its customers a broad power spectrum on all-highest technological level today. We make first-class products and concentrate thereby on...

Substrate coating

Substrate coating with defined process standards, co-ordinated in every case up in-house operational sequences.

Special materials

Specialization of the printing services to polymer one and other materials, for example PVC, PET, PET-G, Bio-PVC, wood and cellulose coatings.

Printing technology

Specialization on UV offset printing with screen printing supplement for brilliant long-lived printed results.

Inhouse manufacturing

Completely inhouse manufacturing of printings, stampings, cuts, grooves and manufacturing.


Personalization, storage, dispatch and logistics


Computing centre ≥ Tier-III-rating, redundant cooling, strictly regulated security-& monitoring work flows